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We design


Why is design important?

As a business or even a self-employed individual, you need to attract as many customers as possible from all avenues. A unique design will give you the edge over your competitors, your product or service will stand out, as a result not only will you grab their attention but their curiosity will be tainted.

Attracting a customer isn’t enough, you need to provide professional quality service, if your product does not have quality design your clients may feel reluctant to purchase your solution.Presentation is a key ingredient in sales if you neglect design your business will be at a disadvantage.


We develop

Software development can be regarded as an art.  Since creative solutions are often used to solve problems, besides the creativity your applications need to perform their required functions quickly and without hassle.

it is essential that your website or application :

  • has the functions witch satisfy your requirements

  • performs the function with minimal error

  • performs quickly

  • is user friendly

  • keeps the design aesthetic

  • And most importantly has an element of fun


Why Do I need a website?

Would you buy form a company who didn’t have a website?

Websites and mobile sites not only provide a means to reach clients from different avenues, but is also a means for various clients to evaluate your business, if you do not have a well designed and developed website the client will possibly disregard your business.


Do I need a mobile/mobile friendly site?

Yes, today many of us search for content with our mobile devices, content is viewed differently on mobile  if the content is not well designed, user friendly and easy to navigate on a phone, you will lose your clients interest as well as their faith


why do I need an app?

  • apps provide client and business solutions

  • apps can be used to market your business

Depending on your business type an app can provide a fast effective solution to you business or client needs. Apps are a major marketing avenue, an app can be used for a competition or a game to gain client interest.


Why is technical design and development important?

  • your website or app needs to perform its needed functions quickly and effectively

  • it needs to work fast

  • it must be easy to use and hassle free

  • it must fit the design aesthetic

  • Creative design can improve sales, reduce costs as well as  save time



Whilst speed, quality and price are still important factors to us at SHIFT. We practice what we preach. We know that as our users, you require service that is fun and convenient but at the same time, of unsurpassed quality and value for money. Providing our clients with an experience that builds trust, not only in industry leading strategy and a high level of design excellence, but in a lasting partnership that will see them Experience unprecedented growth.


This, drives our operations.

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